Barrett M107A1

Barrett M107A1

The Barrett M107A sniper rifle is a powerful sniper rifle related to the Model 82A1 and the M107. It was redesigned in January 2011 to be lighter but stronger. Weighing in at five pounds less than the M107 model, the M107A1 packs a powerful punch with a sleek body. It features a new cylindrical titanium muzzle brake and titanium barrel key/recoil buffer system which allows the weapon to be easily operated and adds durability. It is a semi-automatic anti-material rifle used all around the world.

A sniper rifle is a portable, high precision, shoulder fired rifle used for military of law enforcement. It is used to ensure accuracy even at long distances and is often equipped with a telescopic sight. Sniper rifles are often used to take down specified targets due to their heightened accuracy and precision.

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, founded by Ronnie Barrett in the 1980’s, was made solely to develop semi-automatic rifles. The M107A1 has not seen as much combat as other rifles due to its new development, but it is still an impressive sniper to shoot. It features a .50 BMG caliber, has a barrel length of 20 or 29 inches, and weighs around 28 pounds. The magazine holds 10 rounds. It boasts extreme reliability and an easy to use design. The rifle is designed to be used with a suppressor making the shooting experience flawless and the new design is said to be more precise than ever before.

Some of the features the M107A1 carries are a thermal cheek guard, back up iron sights, suppressor-ready bolt carrier and buffer assemblies, anti-corrosive coatings, lightweight upper receive, and a lightweight quick detach adjustable bipod. These features truly make the M107A1 one of a kind. Its improved modularity is also a great addition that makes it comfortable to shoot and easy to adjust. This sniper rifle is all about attention to detail.

The M107A1 model has been called one of the most comfortable snipers to fire. It’s great reliability and intense accuracy make it a favorite among militaries and gun enthusiasts. There is no way to describe shooting a M107A1 other than smooth, powerful, and intense. If you’re wondering what it’s like to shoot one yourself come join us and fire up one of the most commanding sniper rifles.


  1. Complimentary pickup from your Las Vegas Strip hotel
  2. Walk the Hoover Dam Bridge for a 15-minute photo and video opportunity
  3. The Shooting Package of your choice
  4. Photo opportunity with awesome military weapons
  5. Lunch: World Famous Burger, Fries, and Soda
  6. Drop Off at your hotel or any Las Vegas Strip location

Approximate Duration: 4.5 hours (hotel to hotel)

Shooting Packages:

Ground Adventure Shooting Packages


Please Note:

  • For each shooting package (Basic, Advanced, Counter-Advanced, and Elite Combat) only 1 non-shooter package is allowed.
  • There must be an even 1:1 ratio for shooters to non-shooters.
  • All shooters must be at least 12 years old and 5 feet tall.
  • Due to safety concerns, pregnant women are not allowed to shoot. Women who are pregnant may participate in the tour as a non-shooter.
  • All packages are priced per person.