shoot a machine gun in Las Vegas

Newlyweds often pick Las Vegas for their honeymoons because they can gamble, take in some live shows and dine all from one resort. You’ll find some other great activities that will make your trip more memorable too.

Top Unique Ways to Enjoy Your Las Vegas Honeymoon

Though some newlyweds set off on their honeymoons with plans to never leave their rooms, those heading to Las Vegas will find that they want to spend some time exploring the city too. Vegas offers so many fun and exciting things to do that you’ll want to share the memories of your trip with others.

Take a Dune Buggy Ride

Have you ever wished that you could explore the desert around Vegas on your own? With a dune buggy adventure trip, you now have that chance. Local companies rent these buggies to those with a valid driver’s license. You and your spouse can take a short trip with a trained driver who will take you around to some of the hottest spots. Couples can also make arrangements and rent one of these buggies to explore the desert on their own.

Fire a Big Gun

Even if you have little experience with guns or never fired one before, you can still have fun checking out local shooting ranges. Offering opportunities for visitors to really shoot a machine gun in Las Vegas, ranges offer all the protective gear that you need as well as all the gun safety necessary. You and your spouse can see who hit the most targets or share in a unique experience and shoot an actual machine gun.

Go Skydiving

As long as you don’t have a fear of heights, you can plan a skydiving trip with your new spouse. Though some companies use airplanes, a more unique experience lets you jump out of a helicopter. You can choose between solo jumps on your own and tandem jumps with an experienced partner attached to you.

Don’t spend your whole trip hiding out in your room and avoiding other people. Las Vegas offers a number of exciting and fun activities for couples heading to Nevada for their honeymoon trips.