machine gun in las vegas

Whether you shoot a smaller gun or a machine gun, you can reduce stress and have fun at a Vegas shooting range. Just make sure that you plan ahead of time and have some idea of what to expect.

What to Know Before Shooting at a Range

Las Vegas, Nevada, is home to a number of gun ranges and shooting ranges that let you shoot targets. These ranges can accommodate larger groups celebrating special occasions like an upcoming wedding or a birthday party, but the ranges also have room for individuals. Doing some research before booking a time can help you avoid any unexpected surprises.

Time of Visit

The amount of time that you can spend on the gun range often depends on any other visitors who booked an appointment, the time you got there and the hours of operation. You can usually spend an hour practicing your shooting as an individual. Many ranges offer discounts and packages for groups that let them spend hours on the range and in other areas shooting. You’ll need to let the range know the total size of your group ahead of time.

What Comes Included

Always make sure that you find out what comes included in your total price, especially if you want to do something unusual like taking a trip to a range to shoot a machine gun in Las Vegas. These ranges give you access to larger machine guns that are exactly like the ones used by professionals and the military, but you will need to go through some basic training before you can shoot that gun. The package you book may come with transportation to and from your hotel, some targets and a set amount of ammunition.


Check with the Vegas gun range about any add-ons that are available. The range might let you buy more targets or more ammunition, pay extra for a full meal or upgrade to better guns when shooting with a group. These add-ons will cost extra but will help you have even more fun. Talk with the shooting range about what comes with your package and how much time you get too.